Max Brand’s formula for generating story

… I think I’ve written this down here before, but just in case I haven’t:

Take two main characters.

First a good character on his way down.

Then a bad character on his way up.

Make their paths cross. Preferably a head-on collision.


This is different from Lester Dent’s formula, which goes basically: change things up every 1500 words.


About Christopher Key

“Now that we’ve found you, there will be a new generation of knights to defend the kingdom. Another ruler to take up the Kingdom Magic, in this time of war. No, you won’t become a knight. A Key has no magic of his own. You must give up those foolish wishes. Marry the princess and let her protect you. Don’t be a rebel …” – From Christopher Key.

Christopher Key is the book I’m presently writing. It is the first book in a YA reverse-gender AU fantasy adventure series. Yeah. The theme is love, because that’s what I always end up writing about anyway. The magic system is a total joy and makes me burst out laughing every time I think about it. Everything else is Harry Potter-esque adventure, but with superhero knights … It’s complicated.

Christopher Key. One boy is the source of all magic. But there’s a catch …