The state of everything (ie, writing)

Man, I’ve been offline from blogging for a while.

Two important chapters wrapped up, though. I’ll be finished with the book soon (and it’s about time!!) and that’s a great feeling right there. Of course things are going very well in my day job too – they usually are, it’s a great job, and I enjoy the work – but life’s about doing what you really want to do, and for me that’s writing. When I can’t do that, or it doesn’t come out well, I feel scuzzy. When it goes well, I’m great. So.


A new story!

Another short story published, and this time it was an effortless formatting job, which is a relief after the 50 Ways to Blunder Calibre (TM) dance which was getting Sungoddess ready for Amazon. Those seemingly endless blunders and bloopers were due to tiredness; they were that kind of mistake.

This story, Young Sasquatches in Love, <a href=”″>here</a> at Smashwords and <a href=””>here</a> at Amazon, is light romantic comedy. Very light! Set in a world where supernatural creatures are running all over the place, protected by uptight government conservation-group schoolmarms whose grip of regulation and fine is, well, unrelenting. All Pete wants is a romantic getaway with his wife Joy, but what he gets is a sasquatch dubbed Goldilocks.

On A Pale Horse, by Sylvia Volk

SUMMARY: War threatens Salsabil’s family. Drought and raiders may take all they have, and though Salsabil’s brothers are ready to fight, none of them know what they’re getting into. She’s only a girl, raised in the sands of the Arabian desert; what can she do to help? But she has seen a wild horse in the dunes, and though her people think her mad, she feels the beginning of hope: for there is a horn on the horse’s forehead . . . 

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