state of the cat

I went to bed an hour early last night, and Greymouse must have been nonplussed, because when I got up this morning there were four of her toy balls scattered on the bedroom floor. I vaguely remember hearing meowing sometime around midnight …

Then she went out with me this afternoon, as usual, and ran into the alley while I was digging dandelions. I heard an ugly squall – that catfight sound. I went into the alley and made stern mother-cat noises (a kind of loud PRRRRTT!) and at once saw a strange cat walking away casually, whereupon Greymouse shot out from under the neighbour’s jeep, heading for me. She was unhurt but ruffled, and accompanied me into the house without protest. Then I gave her treats for being Valiant But Unbitten.

Thank goodness. Infected cat bites are no picnic. If she’s been bitten somewhere that doesn’t show, she’ll lose a patch of hair, and then probably ooze pus. But I hope not; anyway she’s got such fine thick underfur that anyone trying to bite her would probably just come away with a mouthful of grey down.

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