Christopher Key, side note

Here’s how I changed the scene transition:


… “Does it have to do with Keys?” he said finally. “Who am I?”

Mere only shook her head. Her eyes were shut, but he could see how her lips were also shut in a firm determined line.

He waited and waited, but she didn’t answer.

After my guardians come, I’ll never see any of these girls again. Will I miss them?

I don’t even know why I’m here.


The boy must have fallen asleep again.

Just like that. And no wonder, given the past two days. He must be exhausted, because he’d pulled the blanket right over him and huddled hidden under it in the armchair, the royal chambers hushed around him, and none of the knights’ daughters made a sound, for fear of disturbing him … the boy, their charge, a treasure beyond price—worth more than all their lives together.

When she thought of it, Mere could barely breathe for fear …

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