state of the cat

She’s greedy for popcorn. Actually it’s good to see her showing a good, cat-like interest in food (I’ve been indoctrinating her with dabs of butter – a healthy cat should be demanding, or at least turn up to investigate the possibility of treats). Up until lately, she’s been so polite that it seems like she’s pretending she’s not even a carnivore.

Is that raw chicken? Yaaaawn ….

But no, she’s capable of pushing in and taking bits of popcorn, and with every evidence of enjoyment. Is it just because it’s very like Styrofoam? (Her passion.) A mystery that will never be solved.

Very small bites of the white of the popcorn, no hulls allowed. More wouldn’t be good for her. The little lunatic.

2 thoughts on “state of the cat

  1. Chilton, Lisa says:

    I love your “state of the cat” posts. Very funny! Some packing beans aren’t Styrofoam, but an edible carbohydrate which melts in the mouth like cotton candy. Burton ate a bunch of those, so we rushed her to the vet, fearing the worst. Luckily, our vet simply popped a bean into his mouth to check they were the safe type, laughed, and told us not to worry. Perhaps Greymouse is eating those ‘cotton candy’ beans, and has acquired a taste for similar things. ☺

    • Wow, that’s something I never heard of before. And you’re right – she may have done that before I got her. Leaving a just-washed Styrofoam meat tray in the drainboard to dry wasn’t a smart move on my part, either … it’s been too long since I had a cat.

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