Christopher Key, end of chapter seven

… Mistress Cecily the doctor glanced around, straight at him.

She saw him. The knights hadn’t noticed. Her brows rose, her eyes widened, and then she put a finger to her lips. Christopher swung himself up, out of her sight, and then was unable to keep from leaning out over the long drop to the gravel below, craning to see the open window.

Mistress Cecily leaned out of it, looking up at him. Again she put her finger to her lips. From the sudden clatter of noise in the room beyond, the knights must be distracted. She seemed to be shaking with silent laughter. She mouthed what had to be a warning, and threw something at Christopher.

A ball of paper. Christopher shoved it down the front of his shirt, and climbed back to his room in a hurry.

He made it without event. It was still empty. He filled a plate with sausage and cold toast from the girls’ table, and unscrewed Mistress Cecily’s message, a torn-off corner of a sheet of notepaper, written on in a scrawl.

It read Your magicians have not forgotten you.

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