A visit to the library

… and bonanza!

Downton Abbey, season 4. I love my local library because it takes pains to stock current tv and movies too, and I’ve really enjoyed binging on Downton. It reminds me of the Williamsburg books (Dawn’s Early Light and the rest of the series) which, by the way, would probably appeal to anyone who likes Downton. Maybe it’ll be adapted for television someday.

But more important, the books!

Castles, ed. by Charles Stephenson. A history of fortified structures, ancient, medieval, and modern. I grabbed it because when I opened it and turned a few pages, there was the Tower of London, and Windsor, and Colchester and Rochester and obviously a whole harmony of British castles. With diagrams and photos. Mmm. I’m all over this because I need to know the whole subject for Christopher Key, and I’ve read a host of books on British history and that ilk over the past year; this is one more to inhale and enjoy.

Two books about opium. I’m all over this too just because, hey. Who wouldn’t be interested in what it feels like to be an opium fiend?

Attack on Titan, Before the Fall, vol 1. The whole Attack on Titan series is amazing. It’s hugely popular, not because it’s told skilfully, but after the manner of Twilight and 50 Shades and such – it’s about things that hit its audience in the heart. The apocalypse, adventure with swords while swinging from rooftops, being eaten alive by 100-foot giants.

The Secret Life of Sleep, by Kat Duff.

… I only wanted K J Parker’s book of stories and essays, and it wasn’t in, but these are books I’ll devour, and they’ll do me good after the feast.

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