An occupied mind

Three days ago, on impulse, I picked up a book by Robert Redick – it was the third book of the Chathrand Voyage quartet – and in consequence I haven’t got much of my own writing done since. These books are high fantasy, which is rare. And very good too, which is rarer. Full of strangeness and wondrous things, strongly influenced by Tolkien. (Isn’t it amazing that my spellchecker recognises Tolkien’s name?) Each book is over five hundred pages long. I’d recommend them to anyone, but I’ll be glad when I’m done with them and can get my mind back for my own use, thank you very much.

2 thoughts on “An occupied mind

  1. married2arod says:

    I love to read but its a hate-love when I read books that consume me until I finish it. I’ll stay up all night and then regret it the next morning. Like some love tryst lol.

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