State of the cat

Why would a cat eat Styrofoam? No cat I’ve ever owned has done anything like that before.

And it’s not a case of Styrofoam meat-trays, either – I don’t let those sit where she can get at them, since even after I wash them, she’ll zero in on the smell – but packing Styrofoam. Go figure. I made the mistake of leaving some on a chair, and came home from work to find it thoroughly chewed. Bits of Styrofoam strewn on the floor, tooth-marks, the whole nine yards.

That was a good month ago, and today I came home, and she’d hacked up Styrofoam fragments and was suddenly, ravenously ready to eat. Anything I put in front of her, she wolfed down. What a good cat she is! – she’s lost weight since Christmas, she needs to put it back on. She’s all bones under her admittedly luxurious fur coat. I’m relieved by her sudden return of appetite.

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