A running cat is a happy cat

Another reason to celebrate: the cat Greymouse, who has been sick for four days, is mostly back to her lively normal self. That is, she’s back to running all over the house like a crazy thing, fetching me her ball so I can throw it, observing me in lurk from atop the highest cupboards, etc, etc. It’s good. Four days ago she did the sick-cat thing: threw up with abandon, withdrew into a corner and didn’t want to do anything but sleep. She didn’t drink, she didn’t eat. Eventually she started drinking water again, but wouldn’t touch her food. I was getting worried – three days with no food is no good for such a small cat.

Not too worried. She had no problem scarfing down treats. And mayonnaise. Mayonnaise was her friend. (And it made her thirsty, which is good because I wanted to make sure she didn’t get dehydrated.)

Now my job is to play with her and make sure she works up a healthy appetite.

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