A welcome kick in the pants

Okay, I got called – that is, I was nattering on the comments screen of The Passive Voice, and Suzan Harden asked for a link to my website.

For weeks now I’ve been promising myself I’d update here, only I had no idea what to update with.

I went over to Suzanne’s own website, and she’s been putting up scenes from her current wip. Here’s her site – http://www.suzanharden.com . I’m gonna do that too – why not? I’m on the penultimate draft of my new book, Christopher Key. I have scenes, good scenes, ready to be seen scenes. I can take them out to play here.

One thought on “A welcome kick in the pants

  1. Suzan Harden says:

    And I need to fix the RSS feed thanks to my ancient template needing updated. LOL

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