The Dragon’s Teeth, by Sylvia Volk

SUMMARY: Wenceslaus starts out apprenticed to the malevolent and magnificently-mustached smith Kaspar, but ends up falling in love with the smith’s wife Kalyna. Caught out by the jealous husband, he is challenged to a battle of smith-magic which he loses. He’s forced to flee, leaving Kalyna behind. But even in his new home-city, Kalyna never leaves his mind.

Will Wenceslaus ever manage to master smith-magic and rescue her? Or will the Kaspar and his wicked whiskers win the day? And what is up with this huge snakeskin-like substance the miners keep on finding in the deep caves?

What Readers Are Saying about The Dragon’s Teeth:

“This is a story that deserves a re-read. First time around, I was (as ever) charmed by the descriptions and the little hints of whimsy and humor. There’s a lot of unhappiness and violence here (Kaspar never hesitates to raise a hand to his wife) but right alongside it are dashes of marvel and beauty that encourage the reader to read on. Like any good fairytale, TDT doesn’t stint on the horror, but despite that, it’s always very firmly on track to a happy ending. 

TDT also has on display very different type of magic. It’s all very elemental, and fits right into the story. For setting and atmosphere, I really can’t ask for more than Sylvia Volk. 

I also loved Kalyna’s character. Yes, she has an abusive husband who keeps her in chains, but she’s no damsel-in-distress. She has an incredible sense of mischief and she fights back every chance she gets. 

All in all, it’s a lovely little tale.” – Magdala Garza, reviewer

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