Let The Dragon Wake, by Sylvia Volk

SUMMARY: Dovizel lives in a city built on the back of a sleeping dragon, a city full of wonders. Strange beasts stalk its markets; magic is everywhere, miracles are commonplace. As is peril. The buried dragon is about to wake. It is so immense that if it rises and spreads its wings, it will tumble her city down. 

The knight chosen to face the monster ~ Lord Wyrdrake of the Library ~ will win Dovizel as his reward. She has no say in this. She was born for it. To love Wyrdrake is her destiny, and though she fights her own longing, she can’t deceive herself: his kisses make her go up in fire.The more she wants him, the more she wants to dig her heels in. She’ll never say yes to fate.

A dark magician lusts for Dovizel too. Once her father’s apprentice, he has strayed into wicked ways, and now strange hungers consume him. Because she’s been held up as a prize for Wyrdrake, he wants her too. He’ll see the city shaken apart if it means he can devour her among the ruins. No matter which way she turns, it seems her fate is to be conquered, to yield.It makes her furious.

Hers is a city of odd, wild magics; well, she can learn magic too. There has to be another way. Let the dragon wake!

What Readers Are Saying about Let the Dragon Wake:

“Welcome to a world where flowers are grown for the lower classes and made for the wealthy, by magic, along with birds and sunlight and blades of grass; where a soldier is, literally, married to his blade; where Fate is king, and almost all-powerful. The first thing I thought on firing up the Kindle was that the writing was sheerly gorgeous, thickly embroidered with metaphor and simile like nothing else I’ve read …  Let the Dragon Wake is a novel-length (or novella-length) fairy tale. It makes no attempt to explain logic away its improbabilities and impossibilities, but lets them glimmer and shine in their setting of dragon bone. It is beautiful and unexpected and harsh and sweet. It’s a gem.” Stewartry, book-review blogger

“I discovered this book by happy chance … read the first few pages, and was absolutely and definitively floored.

This is a book with its heart in the right place. And its mind too. It has ideas upon ideas. It has all sorts of rollicking literary allusions (which aren’t absolutely essential to understand, but are fun to pick up and collect). It makes a distinction between magic and Magic, which I think is — more than epic battles between Good and Evil — the single most important subject of fantasy fiction. And ultimately, it’s a book about love (and all the different faces of ‘marriage’): and love is the single most important subject for books, and people in general. 

If you love the fantasy genre, if you love the literary tradition, if you love words, if you love gorgeous cities with an underlying current of the most delicious and marvelous fearsomeness: then run, don’t walk, to get this book.” –Magdala Garza, Amazon.com reviewer

Let the Dragon Wake is set in an alternate Jerusalem, like Thomas Mallory meets Tanith Lee, with hefty doses of David S. Beagle. Magic is everywhere, and love is the most important theme of this book. What is love, can you earn it, can you give it away, what happens if you love something evil?

” – Bo Balder, writer (author of Daughter of Djinn)

“After the first page I was hooked, after the first chapter I was entranced … For those who say fantasy cannot be literary I put forth this amazing work as the proof that would invalidate their arguments. For those who say that e-books aren’t ‘real books’ and must be of a lower quality because they didn’t kill a tree to be read, I challenge them to read this book on a green device and still argue the same. 

Let the Dragon Wake may be fantasy, but if you strip away the magic, it stands at its heart a story about simple people, complicated fates, and most importantly love. What does it mean, where do they find it, what will they do for it and to protect. It’s also a story about the absence of love, the cost of loving and loosing, or of never knowing. From the fall of a single man to the city resting on the back of a dragon built tall enough to literally see heaven’s gates. Under the skillful hand of this author the reader is given the chance to glimpse a world where magic is both fantastical and mundane, and where every breath, while unlikely to be your last, is certainly the beginning of something new. 

Best book of the new year. A rare five star creature, I would offer this up to any fantasy fan looking for something magical.” – Xan VanArsdale, Amazon.com reviewer

“Everyone should definitely take a look at this one, it’s a keeper.” –  Christina K Ahn, Amazon.com reviewer

Buy for Kindle or for iPad, Nook, Sony Reader, Kobo or other e-reading formats.

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