Sungoddess, by Sylvia Volk

SUMMARY: Anahita, living goddess of the Mazans, longs to be ordinary again – just another archer among the warlike men and women of her tribe. But magic wakes in her, like a sword she can’t fling away. She can’t go back to a simpler life. Her people are homeless – wanderers across the map, searching for a new homeland – and all strangers are enemies. She must rule, and protect her people. 

Kesar, god-king of rich, hidden Tisu, can hear the future. Strange silvery voices chant in his head, a chorus of warnings and promises that no one else can hear. This magic makes him king. The voices warn Kesar of invasion by the Mazans, who his people call Amazons. To save his kingdom, he must let himself be taken prisoner, pretend to be a slave, and steal the treasure of the Mazans: their peerless horses, and their god-queen. Anahita.

Disaster follows. After their men die, the women of the Amazons come for vengeance.

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